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About the book 

The status quo is broken. The political, economic, social, and market certainties that have underpinned commercial success for the last 70 years are dramatically altering, fundamentally changing the questions that companies need to answer in the digital age. To remain competitive, every company in every industry must rethink their established way of doing business before it’s too late.


However, among this change and disruption, there is a real opportunity. In fact, some organisations are already proving that it is not only possible to adapt to this new world, but to thrive in it. That a few key adaptations can make a world of difference. That businesses don’t need to undo the past to be successful in the future. That powerful change can be simple, quick, and straightforward.


In Transformation Timebomb, author and strategist Gavin Russell explores the forces of change facing organisations, providing tangible evidence to demonstrate the speed and scale of disruption, while uncovering the new questions that businesses must answer before it’s too late. Drawing on proven examples, he provides leaders with a flexible framework to address these questions, combining guiding principles with a roadmap of 150 practical adaptations that deliver competitive advantage. He concludes with a blueprint for long-term, sustainable success to help leaders navigate the challenges for years to come.

Residential Library
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