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Gavin Russell


With over 25 years in HR, Gavin has helped businesses ranging from small start-ups to multinational corporations adapt to their changing environment.


He has led major change programmes at Skype, Microsoft, Foxtel and DTZ and is the author of ‘Transformation Timebomb’, a business guidebook for the digital age.


He holds certifications in Design Thinking, Mastering Business Models, Value Propositions as well as Business Testing.


He is also a certified Prosci Change Management Practitioner and is trained as a Business Coach.


Who Are We? 



We’ve long wondered why some teams are more successful than others. They all share the same core ingredients – people, resources, goals – and yet some go on to change the world, while others, well, seem to struggle to change a lightbulb. 


Why?  What is it about some teams that makes them rise above the average, strive for better, go the extra mile, fight for every inch, work for each other? What is it about the others that creates disconnection, friction, apathy, selfishness, distrust?


Pepper Moth was born from the desire to unlock this secret.  To help all teams, no matter their size, budget, location or industry, to work better together for the benefit of each other, their customers and the world in which we live.


What we discovered was that any business can help their teams excel. All it takes is the right culture.

Why Pepper Moth?

Our Story

The peppered moth is one of the most famous examples of rapid evolutionary adaption in the animal kingdom.


Originally, the white bodied pepper moth was the predominant form of moth, as it blended in with lighter lichens and tree bark that made up its environment.


However, during the 2nd industrial revolution, the trees in industrial areas became blackened with soot from coal-burning factories. The lighter-bodied moths were eaten, while the darker ones were well camouflaged. By the end of the 19th century, 98% of all peppered moths were dark-bodied.


The peppered moth offers a powerful metaphor of the need to adapt rapidly to a dramatically changing industrial world.

Continuous curiosity

Explore, discover, learn, share.

Show, not tell

Own the challenge, inspire the change, set the standard.

Lasting value

Long-term value, not short-term sales.

Geek Pride

Be proud of what you do, and seek joy in sharing your passion with others.


Try new things, embrace what works and be radically honest with what doesn’t.

Our Values & Behaviours

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