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We help you understand the forces reshaping the commercial world, the impact on your business and the new questions that have been raised. We help you assess your People team's existing capability, as well as explore where you want to get to, and how you want to get there.


Independent and objective diagnostic reports that identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within a defined part of your people operation.


Compiled through a mixture of stakeholder interviews, analysis of proprietary data, desk research and competitor bench-marking, we measure overall effectiveness, as well as provide clear actionable recommendations for improvement.

Prices range from £2,000 to £5,000 depending on scope and scale.

Exploration workshops

How future-ready is your business? With a focus on people, these day-long events strive to discover strategic opportunities for improvement, as well as the original ideas that will get you there. They will also uncover the assumptions and behaviours that unintentionally hold you back.


Workshop topics include ‘The People Plan’, ‘Powerful cultures’, ‘Structures and leadership’, ‘Operational effectiveness’, 

‘Positioning HR for success’ and ‘Getting ahead of the people demand curve’. 


Prices from £1200.

Market intelligence

Changing customer expectations, evolving economic systems and radically different competitors are challenging many traditional business approaches. Market trends and shocks create opportunities and risks faster than ever before.


Our market reports and analysis help organisations understand the forces outside their business that fundamentally reshape what they do inside their business. 


  Prices from £1000


We help you and your teams explore, design, test, and launch powerful new solutions that your teams wants to own and your business wants to succeed.


Innovation workshops

Our creative thinking approaches have been developed to help People teams see, approach and solve their challenges in a completely new way.


Our design workshops are designed to to spark innovation, foster a user-centric mindset, and get cross-functional teams working together towards a common goal. We jump-start original thinking, inspiring your teams to design and build the solutions they believe in, while ensuring ideas work in harmony with your organisation.


 Prices start at £1,200


It’s not enough to have ideas – you need to know if they’re going to work. We help design experiments with you and your teams to quickly explore, test, and prototype potential solutions. 


From defining hypotheses, to qualifying suggestions, to ensuring measurement criteria are robust and meaningful, we help test new ideas to reduce the risk of failure. Leveraging a range of proven experiments, we help generate the evidence to challenge the status quo, and build the solutions that transform your business.


Prices dependent on project.



We know you’re not only buying a product, but trying to create lasting value. We know that the more change accelerates, the more you need impartial, honest, informed advice. And we also know that in these economically uncertain times, the last thing you need is to be locked into expensive, inflexible contracts.


We work with individuals and people teams as facilitators and guides to enable their long-term success, not drive our short-term sales. We seek to build internal capability to successfully navigate change, rather than increase your dependence on external providers.


We invest in you and your team's success, offering different perspective, asking the hard questions while holding participants accountable, helping you achieve your objectives.

Prices on request.


With over 20 years' running talent transformation programmes, we are able to consult on a range of people initiatives ranging from global recruitment strategies and organisational redesigns, to employment branding initiatives and HR technology implementations.


Our planning framework helps businesses evolve and flex their people strategy, while our talent transformation toolkits (e.g. next generation workforce planning, improving talent experience etc.) help teams quickly implement essential change.

Prices dependent on project.

Blue Personal Objects