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No matter where you are in your culture journey, our Discovery products and services help you and your teams understand your culture, identify what’s holding you back, or explore where you want to go.

Culture operating

Organisational culture adds bottom-line value. But it’s hard to know how to quickly and effectively harness this vital tool when it seems abstract and unclear.


Our proprietary toolkit helps leaders to independently define, shape and sustain their culture.


Our operating model breaks culture down into simple, clear, actionable habits. 


Our pre-populated change frameworks accelerate improvements and reduce risk, while our analytics tools accurately and objectively measure progress. 


And our one-day induction program empowers superusers to learn pragmatic, practical ways to apply these tools every day.

Real culture™ analytics & dashboard

Culture is key to proactively upgrading customer experiences, delivering market-leading innovation, enabling greater agility and speed, or driving business transformation.


But you cannot improve culture if you cannot accurately measure it.


Our analytics tool helps leaders objectively quantify their actual culture, using data from customers, partners, external talent and employees, rather than guess it from metrics designed to measure something else.


Our insight reports unpick the numbers, helping organisations identify the causes rather than the symptoms of their challenges.


And our proprietary dashboard allows leaders to track and report on changes, providing the visibility required to proactively adapt your approach to changing needs.


Fear of the unknown stops many from even considering culture change.  


Our Discovery Day helps leaders and their teams explore what culture is, what it can and can't do, and what they want to do about it.


Tailored for those new to the discipline, attendees will learn about culture's role in commercial performance, customer relationships and employee effort.


Teams will explore the weaknesses as well as benefits of culture, challenging pre-conceptions, misunderstandings and bias to develop their collective thinking. 


And our expert facilitators close the day by helping them develop their own actionable but appropriate roadmap, enabling them to embark on the right path for them. 



Success comes from liberating employees to explore, create, experiment and deploy the solutions they want to own and succeed.  Our Create products and services help you craft human-centred answers, whether you're looking to boost the impact of your culture interventions, transform employee experiences, or inspire collective commitment.

Creating winning

Are your current culture approaches restricting your organisations success? Are disengaged employees unwilling or unable to support your culture? Struggling to define your new identity following a merger or acquisition?


Our three-day workshop helps leaders quickly create customised interventions that maximise the power of their culture.


We harness your workforce to increase participation and ownership.


We jump-start original thinking, inspiring collective innovation and focus.


And we design and prototype solutions, creating the approaches that work in harmony with your business, lowering costs and risks. 

Shaping inspirational experiences

Workers need to be continuously inspired to bring their whole selves to work every day. 


Our approach creates new experiences that regularly encourage employees to go the extra mile.


We assesses your talent lifecycle, mapping experiences, measuring mindsets and identifying the moments that matter.  


Our design thinking workshop works with employees to develop the compelling, consistent, targeted experiences that genuinely inspire them. 


And our experimentation lab helps test their ideas, identifying and launching the ones with the greatest impact. 

Building collective commitment

Increasingly independent and sceptical employees are turned off by top-down corporate articulations of strategy, unilateral messaging, or being told to replace their values to fit in.  

Instead, they want deeper, personal connections with organisational purpose, sharing in and shaping the values and culture that enable it.   

Our two-day workshop helps leaders create the new communication approaches that inspire collective commitment.  

 We develop safe spaces for leaders to listen and share, creating employee demand to engage. We build the emotional connections within and between teams that underpin collaboration and innovation.  

And we coach leaders to create positive, humble two-way dialogues with their employees, building the trust and transparency that generates kinship.



Culture and engagement are constant priorities.  Our Enable products are designed to empower your long-term success by building organisational capability and commitment, supplemented by on-demand expertise and guidance.

Leader accelerator workshop

Change is only possible when all your leaders genuinely want and believe in it.

Our three-day offsite re-engergises senior leaders to deliver your organisation's mission.


We give leaders the space to address the behaviours, mindsets, skills and actions that hold them and their teams back from contributing in their best way to the organisation.


We help you and your teams become more purpose driven, self-aware, open to change and experimentation.


 ln turn, leaders are better equipped to build a culture that enables all your people to thrive. 


Is your culture and engagement agenda under resourced? Struggling to keep up with accelerating demand?

Our Academy provides expertise, coaching and market intelligence quickly and cost-effectively.

Members have access to specialist associates,  without the expense and risk of a fixed-cost overhead. 


Our market intelligence reports help you to stay a step ahead of the competition.


Our accredited change management experts navigate transformation, increasing adoption and usage. 


And our coaching programmes support leaders to develop their skills as culture and engagement advocates.

culture 2.0

As organisations move to hybrid working, they need to work much harder to maintain and sustain culture.


Unfortunately, cultural approaches tailored exclusively for the office or for remote-only organisations don’t always work in a multi-dimensional hybrid setting.

 Our hybrid culture design thinking workshop enables your culture to work across your distributed workforce.

Leaders develop location-agnostic ways to increase their visibility to role model behaviours, as well as accessibility to collaborate and share. 


They create new ways to enable workers to emotionally and socially connect and build relationships with each other.


And HR practitioners learn how ti build congruent employee experiences that flow equitably across all three dimensions of hybrid.

Blue Personal Objects
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